Does it Matter if Rappers Don’t Write Their Own Lyrics?
Paul Cantor

Dr. Dre has never, EVER written his own rhymes. The fact that you end the piece by talking about Dr. Dre as an emcee who can “spit” in any capacity waters down the credibility of what you are saying immensely. Dre doesn’t even produce his own beats (check Mike Elizondo and many others) and he, in many ways, is the epitome of this hip hop shell game that the industry has decided to play with true hip hop culture. Puffy was the biggest player in that shift from true artistry to commercial crap. True hip hop culture never worried about the most record sales, particularly if it meant appealing to a public that knew little to nothing about the true elements of the cultutre. The music industry/media tag team does it to black music every time: the industry waters down (“whitewashing” it in most cases) and the journalists run to back it up, and that’s how we end up with Macklemore, Rick Ross, Kanye and other clowns as the face of the culture.

Who writes the lyrics will never matter to fans who see hip hop as a trendy incarnation of pop music. For those of us that appreciate true culture and lyricism we’ve got more than enough real emcees to choose from.

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