Is it worth the trouble?
Ralph Ammer

Excellent article Ralph. Here is a brief synopsis of my life. I was 29, my wife 25, our two sons asleep in the back seat and we were driving on a highway; woke up in a hospital three days later and the last thing I remember was a small truck in front of me. That was 52 years ago. Turned out it was driven by two drunks. Up to that point I had many plans and goals about our future. Since that event, I have simply lived each day and take whatever the vagaries of life can bring and deal with it. We survived and thrived; my wife survived being in traction for six months…our two sons survived, grew up and between them have three sons; we then had a daughter after my wife was told she could never conceive again and we now enjoy a granddaughter and a fourth grandson. The moral of my story is to hell with tough times, and to use some well worn words, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, and just keep on slugging it out one day at a time. Life is Good. Be passionate about the life you have and enjoy it especially if you are lucky enough to survive a catastrophic event like what we went through.

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