The Fondoodler: It’s a hot glue gun…for cheese!

Core77’s 2016 Winning Ultimate Gift Guide

Best Aunt/Uncle in the World–All 5 Gifts for $100

Editor’s Choice–“Core77 readers really brought their A-game to the competition, so picking favorites wasn’t easy! We decided on our Editor’s Choice winner based on playfulness, gift-ability, and theme ingenuity.”

“We just couldn’t resist the affordable and educational fun author, STEM educator and OBEY Co-Founder Mike Mongo’s guide has to offer nieces and nephews. We’re all about encouraging kids to use their minds to pursue fields in technology and design — this list is well-rounded, clever and fun! We’ll take all 5 items for ourselves, please.”

1. Fondoodler Cheese Gun ($25)

Get ready to seriously be The Greatest Aunt or Uncle Ever: the Fondoodler is a cheese “hot glue gun”. Stuff cheese chamber with a favorite cheese. Switch on. Melt cheese. Squirt on food. BOOM. Pure genius to all 10-year olds everywhere. Best part, tho? MELTING OTHER FOOD STUFF LIKE CANDY CORN ETC.

2. Raspberry Pi Zero ($5)

Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 computer that is expandable, modifiable, and infinitely hackable. THIS IS GENUINELY THE BEST KIDS GIFT ON THE PLANET. It literally opens doors to careers in computers, technology, and hardware/software hacking. Want to go big? Get the $30 HDMI model and empower the future.

3. The Astronaut Instruction Manual ($10)

The Astronaut Instruction Manual is an working primer for preparing today’s kids for tomorrow’s jobs in space. Space veterinarians, space plumbers, even space athletes. Down-to-earth instruction opens young students to imagining humankind’s space future–with themselves in it. Author co-founded OBEY.

Seriously, what better gift then a children’s book that 1) gives permission to live, work, and play in space, and 2) explains what to do to get there.

[NOTE: Read more about The Astronaut Instruction Manual here.]

4. LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & 2 ($50)

Ghostbusters Ecto 1 & 2 is indispensable LEGO. FIVE mini-figures–Erin, Jillian, Abby, Patty…and Kevin! PLUS a mayhem figure! You get Ecto-1 Car AND Ecto-2 Cycle. There are 550+ pieces. Say grown-ups missed on Ghostbuster reboot? Don’t worry. Nearly every wise kid in the world recognizes the awesomeness.


5. Pokémon Poké Ball LED Watch ($10)

Pretty much every kid in world still occasionally plays Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Poké Ball LED Watch is touch activated and semi-faux superhero boss. It’s a silicone band watch smart enough for a design professional yet credible enough for a pre-teen to ironically or non-ironically confidently wield.

…there it is! Core77’s 2016 Ultimate Gift Guide Editor Choice Winning List, Mike Mongo’s “Best Aunt/Uncle in the World–All 5 Gifts for $100”, featuring plenty of creative gifts that range from educational to just plain goofy. (We can’t help but love the mention of the Fundoodler, the cheese hot glue gun we had our eyes on this week.) Thanks for some awesome list, Mike!

  1. The Fondoodler
  2. Raspberry Pi Zero
  3. The Astronaut Instruction Manual
  4. LEGO Ghostbuster Ecto 1 & 2
  5. Pokémon Poké Ball LED Watch

Happy gift-giving and happy gift-getting to all!

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