Want to be the coolest Aunt or Uncle in the world? Gift your most favorite kid The Astronaut Instruction Manual.

The $11 Astronaut Instruction Manual

What better gift than permission to go to space?

My book, The Astronaut Instruction Manual, was released just a year ago and has been picked up by Penguin Random House (audiobook) and optioned by Legendary Pictures (tv series).

All of which is pretty much 100% awesome. But why did it happen?

Well, not to put too fine a point on it:

  • it’s an astronaut instruction manual
  • for kids

Math! As I first explained to publisher Adam Gomolin at Inkshares,…

“Space+being a kid+permission to go to space=WINNER!”

And that is the secret to my success.

Here’s the link to ‘The Astronaut Instruction Manual’ on Amazon.

The Astronaut Instruction Manual is a “pulls-no-punches how-to guide which allows aspiring young readers to paint their own hopeful and entertaining picture of our space future”. Or as I like to say, it’s a permission slip on the back of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket tucked inside an instruction manual for becoming one of the next generation of space explorers…aka the Humannaires* from Planet Earth!

*“Humannaires” (as in legionnaires or millionaires) is what we call the next generation of space explorers. It’s in the book.
The astronaut teacher wears his glasses like this. Kids want to go to space. They wear their glasses like this. Math!

It’s pretty much all that simple. The Astronaut Instruction Manual is literally a working instruction manual which encourages skills and practices young students will need in order to live, work, and play in space.

Now, as a grown-up, either you get how your [favorite young kid] believes there is nothing ever cooler than going to outer space…or else you possibly may have forgotten every kid’s idea of The Most Important Thing in the World. Which is of course imagining at any given moment how to have the absolute most fun. Point of information: space exploration=most fun.

Speaking of fun, here is the teaser for The Astronaut Instruction Manual.

Is that awesome or what? The Astronaut Instruction Manual’s not a show (yet), it’s a book. And it’s a book that leads to some amazing places to do with science, physics, and engineering. Including, yes, being a kid and imagining a space future with yourself in it.

Seriously, is The Astronaut Instruction Manual exactly the book you would have given just about anything for when you were a kid or what?

Here’s the link to ‘The Astronaut Instruction Manual’ on Amazon.

Hopefully you know exactly the young reader who will appreciate how there’s no better kids gift — for $11 no less!— than an bona fide, fully operational ‘Astronaut Instruction Manual’. So good luck with all your kid gift buying decisions. Remember: We were all kids once. Choose well.

Mike Mongo is author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual. He is co-founder of Starship Congress, vice-president of Icarus Interstellar, and At-Large Chair of Students for Exploration of Space (SEDS). Mr Mongo has learned from students he teaches how we can solve every challenge we face on earth today–energy, health, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, even the illusion of scarcity–by solving for space.