Maybe we could call this an experiment?

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do something important. It seems like I spend most of my time wanting to be or do or learn something. But instead of doing anything, or even planning, I just think about wanting to do something.

It’s time that stops, it’s time that I begin moving towards these vague ideas I have of what I want. Like many others out there I am going to document this process by vlogging. I may annoy or bore my existing YouTube audience but I feel this is probably the best way for me to keep track of my goals, get input that I can immediately test and internalize or move on from, and ultimately give myself some sort of an accountability partner.

I believe that ultimately I will become my own accountability partner. From what I’ve been reading (and listening to) in the Seven Habits book, is it’s by deciding to have a principle based center (a center is what determines how you act and respond to stimuli in the world) you can influence yourself better and be more effective.

For now while I develop this principle center (and the things I believe are important that I want to include in it), I will basically just state what my goals are and work towards them daily. Then as the foundational pieces come together it is my hope that the daily grind, the goal pursuance, will become more effective and my actions will be more efficient.

This is my beginning, again. But unlike before it is not faking it until I make it or giving up when I fail. It is more a cultivation of habits that if followed tend to cause life to be far more interesting and amazing to live.

Current Long Term Goals:

  1. Become an Android App Developer
  2. Become physically fit and generally healthy.
  3. Write that sci-fi / fantasy book you dreamt about in the 7th grade.
  4. Become and remain debt free by saving 10%, responsibly handling finances, and investing/giving back whenever possible.
  5. Buy a house suitable for my family and our wants and needs.
  6. Launch my yo-yo company.
  7. Win the world yo-yo contest.

That’s all for now, I’ll expand on these later, but just writing it for now is where I am going to stop taking baby steps for the moment.