Big Pharma Obviously Doesn’t Care About Neurodiversity

A facebook post I just made:

Prescription Abilify (the generic Aripiprazole, a miracle antipsychotic usally marketed as an antidepressant) retails for around $900 USD a bottle for a 30-day supply without insurance. They offer a free year-long savings card that allows you to procure it for $5 a month with your insurance. The process of activating the card is annoying and confusing, an obvious barrier to people with MI getting the savings. Why not just retail it at $10–50 a month and call it even?

This type of shenanigans is a huuuuuge reason why so many neurodivergents don’t get adequate access to helpful medications. If one doesn’t have the ability to reason adequately, how can one jump through such deplorable hoops?

Access to life saving meds is so important, for MI and every other type of illness. We need to open up the conversation about this.