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Mr Madison,

The problem with your so-called apology is that this isn’t the first time you’ve made racist comments based on the difference of beliefs between yourself and others. You don’t like Sen Sessions, so you claim he is hiding behind his grandchild and make note of her race. You don’t agree with Dr Ben Carson so you call him a N_____ by asking him “House or Field”. It’s because you only use these terms in a lack of an actual argument against these people that proves you to be only using these terms in a hurtful attack. You aren’t being funny or you’d say the same things about people you agree with from time to time. That seems to be your method of expressing what is obviously an opinion based on some other reality than the rest of humanity.

You should be making your point against Sen Sessions, not attacking him and offending any Asian person. You should disagree with Dr Carson, a man who has accomplished more than you can expect to in life, not call him offensive names.

Personally I was offended by your remark concerning Sen Sessions very cute by the way, grandchild. While I may be white, my wife is Asian. Her question to me when learning of your thoughtless and hurtful comment from her friends, was to ask me if people asked me those questions when holding a child such as Sen Sessions was at the hearings. It made her feel as though you were saying that Asian women were just mail order brides to be bought and sold by places like the toy store you mentioned. Her description not mine, in case you think I’m writing for just my wounded feelings.

Now let me explain how an apology works for the rest of the world that actually means they are sorry for a mistake that hurt other people. We say, I made a mistake, I didn’t think the comment or action through, we weren’t putting our best side into our efforts, we took the low road. There is no bullshit explanation about how my job has me do this or that. No half assed excuse for why you did it in the first place. Just say you are sorry and move on. Until you do, neither will I.