030: TGIF?

Ep 48: Mike Murphy Unplugged

Fridays Are Podcast Day

My podcast, Mike Murphy Unplugged releases a new episode every Friday morning at 6:00 am. If you want to join my one man band and receive my weekly newsletter to get notified of each new episode, you can do so here. FYI, I suck at promoting myself and trying to get better, which is why I have 3 promotions in this article before the second paragraph. Good job by me.

Back to Friday. I have a love-hate relationship with this day. It’s kind of a grueling day for me, but I usually end feeling brain tired and proud of myself for completing yet another hard day with a finished product at the end of the day that I usually think is a job well done.

My typical Friday schedule:

Up at 4:00 am:

  1. Daily Writing Goal: Medium article writing (doing my daily writing goal now. 4:19 am)
  2. Daily Instagram Post:Instagram creation and publish. Fridays I usually design an Instagram post with the episode number. I’m handy in Photoshop so this is not too difficult for me, but if I do not have a photo to use I will make one, edit in Lightroom, design in Photoshop…All stuff I’m good at but I create with care, so mental and creative forces at work even though I enjoy
  3. Normal morning routine: (back stretches, bike ride, walk, smoothie, coffee)
  4. Marketing/Promotion: Promote this week’s podcast on Buffer & social media, etc
  5. Podcast Script: Write next week’s podcast script (couple of hours usually). This is most important and hardest for me.

Sidenote: Writing the podcast script every week is not something I look forward to, because it is mentally taxing. I take complex visual concepts often and make them easy to understand in a 15 minute or less podcast and that is harder than it sounds. I work hard to make things flow and easy to follow with just audio vs. video demonstrations. I think I do a good job teaching in my podcast, but it is partly because I am diligent and write with attention to detail. I write how I think and want to speak and by the end of the script, i’m pooped. I use Pomodoro Technique which helps me as I find myself wanting to get distracted because it’s hard work writing the script for me, but I know I have to get it done. Just being honest.

6. Design Work: Episode Artwork, Featured Image, Blog PostAfter script writing, I take a break by opening inDesign and doing the episode and blog post featured image for the following week’s episode and I start the show notes blog post in Wordpress. I have most everything down to an easy system, but it still takes effort and time. I find this busy work enjoyable and I am good at it even though I jump from inDesign to Photoshop to Wordpress unconsciously. These are comfort food tools for me.

7. Break: Exercise/Walk Break/Lunch

8. Record & Edit Podcast: I eat green apple slices and get my game face on and turn off all the sounds in house and get my energy level up and record my podcast. Because I script my show and know the material inside and out by this point, I can usually get through the recording pretty quickly and I edit as I go for the most part. There are gaps in the audio that I must clean up, but few mistakes.

9. Edit and Process Podcast in Adobe Audition. Get it sounding good, export as mp3

10. ID3 Tags (Metadata Information)

11. Upload to Libsyn (Podcast Host)

12. Add podcast url from Libsyn to Wordpress

13. Show Notes: Prepare show notes in Byword and finish episode post in Wordpress.

14. Marketing Promotion. Use Buffer to promote last week’s episode again and do a round of social media browsing to see if I can answer questions or kill some time.

15. Newsletter Setup. I go into Mailchimp and build next week’s newsletter by adding all the artwork and show information and finding a quote of the week, etc. I populate the content with current news M-Thursday, but I build out the framework on Friday

16. Beer at 5:30 pm.


Honestly, I dread Fridays on some levels, but by the end of the day I pat myself on the back and know that I am doing this hard work for almost a year now for a higher purpose. My podcast has a small audience/downloads, I do not generate revenue from it, but it is helping me in business and in life. I am finding my voice and learning how I can help people. I am not entirely sure who my target audience is yet, which I know is a big no-no for online marketers, but I keep putting out consistent content week after week and confident I am on the right trajectory.

I dread the feeling of working really hard and not entirely sure if people are listening or getting value out of the show as I get minimal feedback and engagement even though I do ask for it. But, one of my greatest strengths is patience and perseverance. I believe all good things in all good time and the effort I am putting in now will pay off in many ways in the future. I am already personally benefitting from what I have built and accomplished.

Success for me is when I know I am inspiring, teaching and helping people move forward in business and in life.

Do I look forward to the hard work of Fridays? Not really.

Is it worth it? A resounding yes!

Happy Friday all!

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