039: Listen Up

Naples, Florida. Photo by me.
“Well done is better than well said – Ben Franklin”

You already know

I saw a question posted on Google + that was just shy of a novel’s length and it was complaining about music copyright and how unfair it was that podcasters (really just him) could not use snippets of music in their podcast…They had a zillion legal references about fair use and this and that and then asked the Google + community how to proceed in this legal injustice battle. Get a lawyer was the answer given by 5 or more people. Do you ask your church group how to re-wire your house or do you call an electrician? Everyone in your church group has wires in their house and some may even know a thing or two about electricity, but calling a professional is the obvious solution.

The reason I bring up this story is that far too often we all ready know the answers, but we don’t listen to ourselves or we want a scapegoat just in case we make the wrong decision, we have someone to point the finger at. The Google + guy knew he was stealing music but wanted others who were doing the same to get in his camp and tell him it was okay. If he really had a legal fight on his hands that he thought he could win, he’d call a lawyer. So instead he wasted his time and countless others who tried to help him when he already knew the answer.

Most of us have the answers we need to so many questions and some big life questions, but we either don’t listen or we don’t trust our own intuitions. How many times in your lifetime have you said, “I knew I should have…” “I had that idea…” “If only I listened to myself, I would have…” I’m guilty many times over. I actually think it is what separates successful people from unsuccessful. The people I know and study all have one thing in common, they make decisions without hesitation and without second guessing themselves. They listen to their intuition, gut or really just have confidence in themselves and their knowledge or expertise. They believe.

Listen & Do

The most common frustration online for solopreneurs is how do I find my thing or passion so I can quit my job and be successful. It’s hard. I am still figuring it out. Just a couple of years ago I was beating myself up really hard trying to find one thing that I really cared about and I kept telling myself there was nothing. Not one thing I was really passionate about? I kept telling myself I’m a jack of all trades with too many interests but not one thing really stuck out as the ‘thing’ I was passionate about. I was going to die miserable because I could not find my calling. I had passion to change the world, but had no stand-out talents or passions. That’s a big load of B.S. and it is for you too.

We all have a genius inside of us, but the only way to find it is by listening and trying things out. I have spent the last 2 years working harder than I have ever all on me. Learning to love myself and believe in myself and discover what makes me tick. This has not been easy for me because I am wound up tight inside and it has not been easy for me to knock down my protective walls. But they are starting to crumble and it’s because I have been chipping away at the wall much like Andy in Shawshank. Patience and hard work. Everyday. I never stop. Relentless and consistent. I want to make a dent in the universe and be successful so I am going to do what it takes. Since I lacked self-awareness (which really means I don’t listen to myself), I have put all my efforts into learning about me and going all in.

As soon as I stopped taking a million classes and seeking advice from the experts online and just started exploring and practicing my already expansive skill-set and making things that interest me, everything slowed down I realized how silly I was for beating myself up over not having passion or a calling for one thing. I have overwhelmingly amounts of passion and I do have a calling, but I just have to learn to listen for it and doing things is the vessel to confirm it.

I make a photo and write an article and create something new every single day not for the finished product, but to develop and pull out my genius. I am learning to listen to myself of what I like and don’t like by trying different things. We are all works in progress, but the key word is work. It’s a pain in the butt to figure it out, but it is the common thread that ties every single successful and talented person on the planet. Those who rise to the top all thought it was worth it to learn, create and move forward. It’s worth it to me. How about you?

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
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