107: Quick Podcast Tip: How to Remove a Green Screen in Camtasia

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Quick Tip: How to remove a green screen in the Camtasia 3 or 9 (TechSmith calls it both for some reason). I am using the latest version of Camtasia that is $99 on a Mac.

Camtasia 3 or 9 (Confusing name thing)

Green Screen Removal is also known as chroma key or keying.

Steps to Remove a Green Screen Background:

  1. Click Visual Effects on left column
  2. Select Remove a Color Filter
  3. Drag Remove A Color on track with Green Screen footage
  4. Click color picker select pure green (red:0….green:255….blue:0)
  5. Drag tolerance slider until green disappears. Go a little too far and then back off
  6. To change size of mask, hold the Option Key and transform bounding box.

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