136: Quick Tip: iTunes Connect (Podcast Portal by Apple)


Quick Tip:

Check out iTunes Connect, a Podcast Portal created by Apple 🍎 in 2016.


Warning ⚠️:

Check it out, but don’t play around with your podcast redirect, etc or you could mess up your feed and lose your subscribers. Just use common sense. Do not mess with the Redirect URL unless you know what you are doing.

iTunes Connect Portal:

Manage your current podcast or Submit New Podcasts.

Log in with your Apple ID
You will see all of your Active Podcasts and Archived Shows

There is not much you can do, but I have Refreshed the Feed when iTunes is having issues or taking a long to refresh my new episode. Do not mess with Mirror Feed URL unless you know what you are doing (I steer clear from it).

If you are launching a new show, click the Blue + in upper left. Paste RSS Feed and submit. Then wait for Apple to send you a Congratulations Email Whoohoo! I was proud when I made it in iTunes. You should be too! :D.

iTunes Connect Has Good Resources For Beginners:

There are good learning resources for new podcasters -so check it out if the whole process of podcasting is new to you. .

Episodes about How to Launch a Podcast on Mike Murphy Unplugged:

Episode 76: Part I
Episode 77: Part II

Video on iTunes Connect:

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