165: iOS Tip: How To Save & Quickly Find Email Drafts on iPhone & iPad

Where did I put that email I started?

Warning: You may discover a whole bunch of emails you forgot about or lost 🤓!

To Save Email Drafts

Step 1: Open Mail

Open Mail App on iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Compose

Compose New Email (Click Pencil/Paper 📝 icon in lower right corner)

Enter To: Email Address
Enter Subject Line

Step 3: Cancel & Save

Click Cancel in Upper Left Corner
Options: ‘Delete Draft’ or ‘Save Draft’
Select Save Draft

Saving Draft will automatically save partially written email in your draft folder of any email provider. If you were to open Gmail in a web browser, or on your iOS devices the saved draft will be in your Drafts folder.

To Quickly Find Email Drafts

Step 1

Press and Hold Compose Message Icon (The same icon used to Compose New Messages)

Step 2

Swipe Left to Delete Drafts

Step 3

Tap to open and finish composing email and send!

Video Tutorial

Save & Find Email Drafts on iOS Devices

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