238: How to Add Music To Instagram Stories

Michael Murphy

New Music Library Instagram Stories

This tutorial was published:
June 30, 2018

Two Ways To Add Music To Instagram Stories:

  1. Music Sticker
  2. Music Shooting Mode

Watch the Video Tutorial or Read the Step-By-Step Instructions Below

Note: Instagram Story clips are only 15 seconds long, so you will only be adding small clips of music.


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The Text Tutorial:

How Add A Soundtrack to your Instagram Stories!
Huge library of music. Instagram plans to update regularly.

Two Ways to Add New Music Library Tracks:

1. Add Music with the ‘Music’ sticker (Add Music after taking a photo or video in any shooting mode)
2. Add Music in the new ‘Music’ shooting Mood (Select music first and then record up to a 15-second clip)

Method 1: Music Sticker:
(Select Music & Snippet after taking photo or video)

  1. Take a photo or video in any shooting mode (Normal, Boomerang, Hands-Free, etc)
  2. Tap Smiley Face Sticker icon in Upper Right
  3. Tap Music Button
  4. Browse Music by Popular, Moods, Genres
  5. Search for Song/Artist
  6. Tap Play Icon to Preview
  7. Tap Cover Art to Add to Video
  8. Use Slider to select part of the song you want to play
  9. Tap on ‘Seconds’ to change the duration
  10. Add To Story
Music Sticker Instagram Stories

Method 2: Music Shooting Mode
(Select Music & Snippet before pressing the shutter button)

  1. Pick Song from Library
  2. Tap Cover Art to Add
  3. Select a part of the song using the slider
  4. Add Face Filter (optional)
  5. Press & Hold Shutter Button to Record Clip
  6. Add To Story
New Music Shooting Mode

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