240: Instagram Stories: How To Create Swipe Up Links to IGTV

Link to IGTV Videos from Insta Stories

The Tutorial

This will teach you how to create a ‘Swipe Up’ link in Instagram Stories that will send viewers to an IGTV video.

In order to create a link in Instagram Stories, you must have at least one video on Instagram TV.

The Steps:

  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. Take a photo or video in any shooting mode (Boomerang, Normal, Hands-Free, Rewind..)
  3. Click Link Icon in Upper Right (next to smiley face sticker icon)
  4. Click +IGTV Video
  5. Select Video
  6. Click Preview to watch video
  7. Click Done to Add To Instagram Stories
  8. You will see ‘Linked’ to let you know the IGTV video has been linked
  9. Link Icon turns white when linked
  10. Tap Link Icon if you want to change the IGTV Video
  11. Add Text that reads ‘Swipe Up’ (optional)
  12. Add Animated GIF from Giphy (optional)

Note: You will not be able to preview the ‘Swipe Up’ that viewers of your Stories will see.

When viewers watch your Stories, they can swipe up to view IGTV videos

Screenshots of The Steps:

Instagram Stories: Link To IGTV
Linked to IGTV!
Add Text or Animated GIFS

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