243: IGTV: Titles & Descriptions

Michael Murphy
Jul 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Instagram TV Tutorial

IGTV: Titles & Descriptions

This tutorial is going to cover:

  1. How To Add Titles & Descriptions
  2. What To Include in Titles & Descriptions
  3. How To View Titles & Descriptions in IGTV (on your phone)
  4. How To Change or Edit Titles & Descriptions

Note: There is a 2-minute video tutorial at the end of this article that covers everything in the this article if you prefer to skip ahead.

1. How to Add Titles & Descriptions

You can add Titles & Descriptions on your Phone or Web Browser when uploading videos to IGTV.

Titles: Up to 75 Characters Long

Descriptions: Up to 2200 Characters Long

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Add Titles & Descriptions on Web Browser or Phone

2. What To Include in Titles & Descriptions?

What is the video about? Duh. (Up to 75 characters long)

Marketing Power of Titles & Descriptions


3. How To View Titles & Descriptions in IGTV

On Phone:

  • To View Titles on iGTV, click on center of video to go full screen
  • To View Descriptions, Tap on downward arrow
Click Video For Title. Click Down-Arrow for Descriptions.

4. To Change or Edit Titles & Descriptions:

  • Open a Web Browser Only (will not work on mobile devices yet)
  • Type in Instagram.com/profilename
  • Click IGTV in center tab
  • Click Video to change
  • Click 3 dots in lower right corner
  • Click Edit Video
  • Change Title
  • Change Description
  • Click Save
  • Changes will update automatically on phone (be patient as it may take a few minutes. Refresh or force-quit app and re-open if you are impatient 😁)
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Edit Titles & Descriptions in Web Browser Only

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