249: Screenflow 8: Style Presets

New Time-Saver Feature

Do you do the same things over and over in your Screenflow videos? Create a Style Preset
Are you tired of having to change Gil Sans Font to match your brand font? Create a Style Preset

What are Styles in Screenflow 8?

  • Styles are presets saved globally so you can use in all Screenflow Projects.
  • If you are a Photoshop user, ‘Style Presets’ are similar to actions.
  • Record changes you make to property actions and clips and save them as presets that you can use again and again.
  • Also great for formatting text and fonts
  • In Screenflow 8, you can create ‘Style Presets’ for one-click formatting & animations.
  • Add a Property Action or Clip. Change the parameters. Save it as a Style Preset. The next time you add the same Property Action, click on the Style Preset to save time configuring the parameters.

Try Screenflow 8 (The screencasting software I use):

How To Use Styles in Screenflow

How to Create Style Presets in Screenflow 8

Some Screenflow Terminology:

Property Notes:

  • The main editing controls of ScreenFlow. Properties allow you to make changes and add effects to each clip or recording in your timeline.
  • Each Property has a set of parameters you can change. The changes to the parameters can be saved as a Style Preset so you do not have to re-invent the wheel every time.
  • Styles can be created for each property type
  • An example: One thing I use all the time is Video Actions. (zooming & scaling are in the property). I often start with my webcam at 100% to introduce the video and then when I start teaching, I shrink down my camera view to a thumbnail down in the corner so viewers can see and hear me, but the focus is on the screen. To scale down my webcam window I use Video Actions. This action can now be saved as a Style Preset so in one click I can add that action to any video with all of the settings intact.

Properties that add actions (on top of recording track):

  • Video (Scale, Rotation, Drop Shadow, Reflection, Color Controls…)
  • Audio (Volume, Ducking, Effects, Filters)
  • Video Motion (Effects: Spring, Gravity…)
  • Screen Recording (Show Mouse, Cursor, Keyboard Strokes…)
  • Callout (Highlighting)
  • Touch Callout

Properties that add clips (on independent tracks):

  • Annotations (Clips)
  • Text (Clips)

Where Are Styles Located?

  • Styles are located in the Inspector Panel (right sidebar)
  • Click on Button with the Cube
  • Create style presets for each property in Screenflow (Video, Audio, Text..)
Properties & Styles in Inspector Panel

To create style preset:

  1. In the timeline, click on the Property you want to change and press +Action
  2. Make changes to the parameters (scale, rotation…)
  3. With the scrubber at the end of the Action, click on the Styles Button to open
  4. Click + in the upper right
  5. Check all the parameters you want to save
  6. Click + again to Name it
  7. Click Done

How To Edit Style Presets

  1. Click on Style Button (cube)
  2. Click on a Style
  3. Click on Gear Icon
  4. Update, Rename, Delete
Update, Rename or Delete Styles

Video Tutorial:

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