262: Dropbox: File Requests

Easy Way To Collect & Receive Files from Anyone

How To Use File Requests
Need an easy way for clients to upload files to you?
Send a link to anyone and they can upload files. 
Recipient does not need a Dropbox account.
Recipient cannot see content of the Dropbox folder.
Close file requests anytime to restrict uploads.

→The Index of Steps:

  1. How To Create & Send File Requests
  2. The Recipient Experience
  3. Email Notification: New Uploads
  4. Locate File Request Uploads
  5. How To Find Link or Invite People
  6. How To Close File Requests
Note: Video tutorial at the bottom of this article

The Intro to File Requests in Dropbox

Collect & receive files from anyone.

  1. Create a File Request folder
  2. Copy link.
  3. Send via email, text etc.
  4. Recipients click on the link and upload files to your File Request folder.
  5. You receive email notification
  6. Download or share files
  7. Close File Requests when you want to stop future uploads
File Requests in Dropbox.😎

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→The FAQ’s of File Requests in Dropbox:

  • File requests allow you to get files from anyone
  • No Dropbox account needed for the person who is uploading
  • File uploads can be up to 2GB for Basic accounts (20GB for Plus/Pro)
  • Files are private
  • All organized in one folder
  • People who upload files cannot see anything in your Dropbox
  • You must have space in Dropbox to accept files
  • Dropbox will email you when new files are uploaded
  • Close File Requests anytime
  • For more information, visit Dropbox website

→1. How To Create & Send File Requests

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website
  2. Click File Requests in the left sidebar
  3. Click Request Files Button
  4. Name the File Request folder in ‘What are you requesting’ box.
  5. Click the Next button
  6. On the Send file request screen: Copy link to clipboard, or add email addresses
  7. Click Done
  8. Send an email to the recipient and paste the link
1. File Requests in Sidebar 2. Click Request Files Button
3. Name Folder 4. Copy Link. 5. Paste in Email

→2. The Recipient Experience

  1. Recipients get email with link
  2. Clicking opens simple Dropbox website
  3. Choose from Computer or Dropbox to locate file(s) to upload
  4. Recipient can add multiple files to upload
  5. When upload finishes, recipients see ‘Thanks! You’re All Done’
  6. Option to Submit More Files if needed
Click on Link in Email (Recipient)
Choose From Computer to Upload Files (Recipient)
Recipient can add multiple files to upload
Upload Complete. Option to Submit More Files (Recipient)

→3. Email Notification: New Uploads

  1. You will receive email notifications from Dropbox for all new file uploads
Email Notification: New Uploads Received (You)

→4. Locate File Request Uploads

  1. Click ‘File Requests’ in Sidebar
  2. Click ‘Open Requests’ Tab
  3. All file request uploads are stored in the folder associated with the link sent.
  4. Click folder name to view uploaded files
  5. Download or share files
View Uploads
Download or Share

→5. How To Find Link or Invite People

  1. Hover over the file request and click Add People
  2. Copy Link to Clipboard
  3. Enter email addresses to send from Dropbox

→6. How To Close File Request

  1. Hover over the file request and click Edit.
  2. In the popup, click ‘Close Request’
  3. This will prevent anyone from uploading anymore files to folder

→Video Tutorial