Database Without A Database

So we were tasked with creating an application that runs without a database. Honestly, I have never heard anything of the sort. At first the news were a great joy, “Whoa! We’ve made it to Bootcamp!” Little did I know that the joy was ice in a desert. Machines powering on, hoodies and jackets on and not forgetting heavy socks (it was freezing), we started our long nights.

Engineering school had taught me how to be tough and resilient, but this was on another level. Its like taking kindergarten kids to school and teaching them trigonometry. Well, some kids will definitely quit on day one, but trust me when I tell you that some of the kids will return fire no matter what you throw at them. I am one of those! Week one was about throwing questions here and there, bombarding everyone in my path since I was new to python, and I am still learning my steps. And now I am being faced by this ugly monster, OOP.

OOP is no new concept, but for me, in the python perspective, it is. I will try and put it in the easiest language that I can. Think of it as a car, let the functionalities be your classes. For instance, you just step on the accelerator knowing that the vehicle will be propelled forward, believe you me, you don’t need to know how propulsion works for you to drive a car. You only need to know the output of the action. That’s basically the principle behind OOP. Encapsulation and Data abstraction provides that the details of a function are hidden, that you only need to call a specific function if you need a specific output, without knowing how the output is obtained.

Now picture implementing an application without a database and you will have a glimpse of what I am talking about. First you will need to define your own classes and methods and know which works on what data, how to store your data and how to manipulate it. This may sound easy but implementing is another issue. Think of having an army with no barracks. So everyday morning we assemble somewhere, discuss matters at hand, sort a few issues, attack some insurgents, meet again in the evening to finalize and off we’re gone. This happens every single day we assemble! No barracks, no amoury, no accommodation for soldiers. This is implementing an application without using a database.

The application discards all the data it is holding after the server it is running on has been powered down or restarted.

Think of a day you’ll have to cook and you own nothing! Not even a spoon!

And for software developers out there, you are not yet there until you implement a DATABASE WITHOUT A DATABASE! CIAO!