My programming journey…

Sometimes when life decides to make its demands, we have to just act on the commands it gives or face the wrath. Well “sometimes” for me was “always” today as I faced multiple battles in this triumphant journey. A journey I embarked on ready to take down any “Goliath” in my path, and trust me when I say, “Indeed I am a David”.

For you to move forward, sometimes you have to look back, take notes (and sometimes your stuff), and contemplate on how far you have come. Moving past the reflective stage, I decided to deal with the “backlog” of life and make life-changing decisions. Why? Because my life is changing. It is at this point that I realized the difference between doing what you have to do and doing what you need to do.

These changes have taken a toll on me all day at the expense of the very thing that has triggered me to make these transformations in the first place. As I looked on my plan out for the day, panic, doubt, and anxiety increased steadily as I went down the list of “to-dos” for my project. If I had the cellular capability to split myself into multiple versions of me into the human version of a web crawler, trust me I would have done it last week.

Despite all this, focusing on the outcome, the end-goal, the target kept me pushing, hitting hard, though sometimes I am the one getting hits! And even as time passed, I would reassure myself that the goal is self-improvement, moving a step forward and sometimes that needs us to stop and recalculate when the terrain is rocky, “maybe we need tougher feet”, I thought.

As I sit here writing this post, it is less than twelve hours to the project deadline and I have a 12-hour long backlog ahead of me. For me to recreate the lost time, I will have to find value in the changes I have made in my life today. But even as I do that, let me fire up my human web crawlers to the challenges I have not managed to handle today. I will live to move forward, to make progress, to make the change happen, to be the change. TIA!