First impressions are everything, and so far the Minds social network isn’t making a good one.

Last year at the height of the cryptocurrency bubble, CryptoKitties showed up as the new kid on the blockchain and became an overnight sensation, with some virtual kitties famously selling for as much as $200,000.

Then as the Bitcoin bubble burst, so did CryptoKitties. Despite having venture capital being thrown at it like party beads at Mardi Gras, alas, the first “crypto commodity” couldn’t weather the storm.

The blockchain community mourned the demise of the adorable cartoon cats, not because anyone really gave a…

I had a recent experience that was a solid reminder of why Contextual Inquiry should always be part of the UX design process. You might be tempted to dismiss Contextual Inquiry as the UX buzzword of the month, but in this article I’ll tell you how it saved me from plowing ahead with a dead-end project.

Contextual Inquiry (CI) is popping up more and more in the software design lexicon, but the concept is actually more than 30 years old. …

This is the process, or rather strategy, that I follow as a UX Designer

About me: Since 2014 I’ve worked on a SaaS product called AirPortal that is a travel management suite. This article focuses on the process I’ve used to introduce a new feature into the software. You can find out more about my work at

I’m often asked about the process of UX design, but I prefer to think of it as a strategy more than a process because it allows for a lot of per-project flexibility. I’ll be using a recent project to show how this strategy has worked for me.

Project Overview

Our team was tasked with taking an existing reporting…

Know it. Accept it. Keep this mind and you’ll be a better UX designer for it.

You’re a UX designer. You’ve dedicated months of your working life to developing a new product. You’ve loved and nurtured your baby from its earliest iterations, and the big day has finally come.

It’s release day!

Photo by Tim Bish

The rollout begins, and as your magnum opus is presented to the masses, rather than a standing ovation, it’s met with a, “Wait — can I get the old version back?”

What happened? It was beautiful! You agonized over the colors! The typeface was meticulously selected. The workflow was a glorious journey through a virtual meadow of wildflowers and rainbows, and yet here we…

Mike Newbry

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