Another Donald Trump voter, letting us know why America isn’t “great” and how to fix it — banish…

Another whiner who makes broad demands and insults not based in fact. I would bet a Bernie or Bust supporter. As it happens i am a Hillary supporter and actively support transgender issues.. What i don’t support is the constant whining and complaining of individuals too stupid and lazy to get out of their own way.

In this case the author, and its supporters, because they demand the impossible and behave petulantly when it does not happen. I use the word “ ITs “ because by its choice it refuses to accept a gender pronoun. It may prefer a different label but it does not get to do insist that others bend to its will.

As for you and your claims of Burka’s and trump, well your childish whining demonstrates who you are and what your are. A lazy, whinny, immature asshole who vents their impotent rage behind a keyboard.

Your entire life has been a complete waste of human flesh. An existence of being unloved that you trumpet as a badge of honor or proof of perpetual victimhood, which ever suits your ego at the moment. Only another perpetual victim will ever love you, but that quickly falls to the dust as you compete with each other to be crowned the biggest victim.

When you learn to act and think like an adult, come back and try again. Until then go stand in the corner and think about your childish behavior and why you earned your punishment.