Thanks for this. I wrote a take-down of that tweet-series yesterday you might find of interest:
Michael P Goldenberg

Excellent response and is similar to what i have planned to say when i respond to her.

From a shear practicality and provability perspective mandatory formal consent proceedings are a joke. Is the man supposed to have a notary public with a video camera on call 24/7 just in case she has buyers remorse the next morning? What does he do if she then claims that she said NO halfway through the sex act? How do you prove this without having a full cast and crew and a couple lawyers watching?

The other main problem i have with this whole conversation is that if a woman goes to a bar and gets shit faced, picks up a guy, and has sex with him. She gets to cry rape the next day because she was “to drunk to consent”. If however the guy is shit faced, he is automatically guilty of rape if she says so. The double standard is bizarre.

If she is drunk and drives a car and gets pulled over, does she get out of a DUI ? Of course not, so why is the guy automatically guilty if he was mind altering drunk? Why is he accountable for his actions when drunk but not her?

Rape is a bad thing and truly traumatizing but this current consent situation is absurd.