Wow, defensive and presumptuous.
Maureen Orman

Hardly defensive on my part, but your refusal to answer the questions shows that you are on of those type whiners that think they get to say anything and no one had better question them about it. No one should dare challenge the idiocy of the dreck they spew.

After all, why would they want to challenge those pearls of wisdom you deign to spit at the swine? Right? You, the font of eternal indignation must never be made to account for her words or actions or the world would crumble. Oh NO!

As for you being a lesbian, let us be clear, the questions still apply. Having sex with someone because you feel obligated, you know that part of Anna’s original story that resonated with you, is the same for straights as it is for gays. It is you that feels the obligation, so it is you that needs to answer why you do that.

I know, now you are offended even more! You might even try to lie and say I am bullying you on the internet because you are a woman or a dyke. You of course are wrong on all three counts, i am not bullying you at all, and i could care less about your gender or orientation.

What i did was ask you questions, what you did is try to insult me instead of of answering. You in fact would be the bully. A whining immature self-centered bully who thinks she can say whatever and no one will dare question her.

Enjoy being the icon for every negative female stereotype.