Rick Fischer rape culture is not a “meme,” it’s a phrase that we use to encapsulate the various…
Anna Hundert

It is telling that you only want to bear the sound of one hand clapping. You like others pushing the mandatory consent written in stone, only want to hear the sounds in your echo chamber.

You talk about the idea that a woman “must” have sex with her husband when he wants it as being bad. Okay. So what about the woman who brags to her friends the she has pussy whipped him? That he does not get sex unless he buys her things or does the chores? What about the women who say things like “ if you loved me you would… “ and fill in that blank yourself.

Your self esteem issues started in your family and by the time you hit 18 they are fairly baked into you. 50% of marriages end with divorce and an equal amount of families have women as the head of house, no man in residence. The idea the may feel obligated to have sex with someone comes from with in You. If a guy tries to guilt you into sex you have to be the one to kick him to the curb. But women don’t or at least women who have obligatory sex don’t and that is on those women. They stay for what ever reason they have, but the reasons are theirs. Yes there are the percentage that involves violence but that is a small percent overall.

I know that does not fit the narrative the way you want it to, but you don’t get to control the conversation no matter how much you want to.

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