An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Talia Jane, I am real sorry the choices you have made about your life are not working out for you, but please face reality. You made those choices, not the CEO of Yelp or anyone else, just you.

You allude to having problems where you lived before moving to one of THE MOST EXPENSIVE AREAS OF THIS COUNTRY! Could it be you had unrealistic expectations of those people doing more to worship at your feet? Were they not adoring enough? Not willing to put up with your demands and tantrums?

You stated you moved there, in part, to be near your dad. Is he unwilling to help you because you irritated and blamed him as much as you do your CEO for the reality of your life?

You say you got a degree in English but did not want to be a cliche by going to law school and having student debt. The implication is that you either stopped at an Associates degree that grants covered or alternately got scholarships to get a Bachelors. Then you moved to an area chock full of people with advanced degrees and experience and unrealistically demand to be treated like them financially.

Then there is the choice of degree, English, because you want to be in media. A degree in Marketing or Journalism would be more appropriate, but then they are more difficult than English as a major. The upside for you though is you got to read a lot in school, sadly that is not paying your bills.

Then the coup de grace is your latest choice, telling your CEO off on the internet. At best that is the act of a spoiled child, at worst a publicity stunt to get yourself noticed. Either way it is a bad choice as only actors can get by with claiming any press is good press. Any employer who does a background check will find this and they will not hire you.

I recommend you tuck your tail between your legs and slink out of town. Use the next year to evaluate your life choices and get counseling to stop being a 25 year old brat. If you on working in a high cost area i suggest you get skills that will support you instead of a crappy English degree.

Grow Up Talia Jane, 25 is a long way from retirement and you attitude may keep you unemployed if you do not straighten up.