It’s a tossed-off and inaccurate psuedo-witticism, and one that myself and countless others have…
E Price

This response encapsulates the problems with you, your behavior, and those demanding everything become a safe space.

You are rude, dismissive, aggressive, and bullying to those that disagree with you. You seem to believe, and your words show this, that only your opinion is valid. Others that do not pat you on the head and say “good girl” are stupid, trite, and some how less that you are for not praising you.

In Your original post you try and tie the flashing red lights of an ambulance to being an intentional trigger warning geared toward overly sensitive souls that something bloody might be going on.

They are not! The sole design of those lights is to let people know they have to stay out of the way. Not block the vehicle. Period. Stop. If some sensitive person sees it and goes away because they do not like blood and gore; that is an adult choice they make based on their own internal rules of behavior, not some societally constructed value add to protect their sensitivity.

People reject the overly PC crowd because many PC people, like you, are bullies who demand obedience to their personal echo chamber.

You call yourself a battle tested warrior, what you display however is a whiner out to crucify anyone who disagrees with her.

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