If you’re deeply committed to living in a city — move there. If you really care about having the perfect job then being in-market increases your probability 100x. Choose life. Choose your location. Move there. Get settled in. Take the time to know the city. Get your partner or family bedded down and comfortable with the place without the stress of your new work hours. And then set out to shake every hand and kiss every baby in town until you’ve networked yourself into the ideal role.
Why You Can’t Search for a Job From a Remote Location
Mark Suster

Not a whole lot of people have the financial means to pick up their life, move it across country, get set up in a new city and chill for a few weeks, looking for the best multi-week recruitment/onboarding process to play out.

You and I are lucky to not have to worry about this, but make no mistake, it’s a privilege that many highly-qualified job-searchers do not enjoy.