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30,000 users is no business plan for most investors. We have to consider how much buying power those users have and what percentage of them would pay for a given product/service/experience. Given how similar altspace is to existing platforms, the user count isn’t enough to save them.

Safe estimates will be ~1% conversion, so we’re talking 300 people paying money to somebody. That could generate enough income to sustain a solo developer or a hobby project, but it’s a paltry sum for most existing businesses.

How can 30,000 users be valuable? Data. 30,000 is an incredible sample size to mine user data from for VR designers (hardware and software) to lead an immense amount about how users are interacting inside of VR. Capturing these users could definitely be a solid long term investment for even larger companies. Even though the return won’t directly come from the users pocketbooks.

I believe Altspace could find an investor by proving the value of their user data, in an industry as nubile as this.

Thought provoking turn of events! Thanks for the response, your ideas could prove valuable to the Altspace team I think, and are likely the tip of the iceberg.

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