A Letter to Medium: Digging for gold

Medium is a place to discover those who are boots on the ground, walking on the edge of innovation.

Dear Medium,

I am excited. Medium has begun to include content from large publishers, a good sign for the company I assume. Love the new branding by the way. Though I am a fan of green and words that start with M, the new look suits you well.

I write this letter to request a subtle change to the Medium experience to go alongside the new content and shindigs.

Can “New from your network” be placed at the top of my Medium home page? I have to dig for it every time I open the app or webpage.

I use Medium as a means to see my Medium network first and news second. And here’s why:

  • If you’re interested in Virtual Reality, or other innovations, Medium is a wonderful place to absorb the ins and outs of nascent industries.
  • Every day I log in, I learn something new about VR and the technologies associated with it.
  • Investors live for troves of knowledge and network connections such as a writer network on Medium.
  • I’ve connected with the likes of many talented writers who also find interest in Virtual Reality, expanding our networks and sharing our knowledge.

For many fields, Virtual Reality among them, Medium is a growing network of writers, change agents, and thought leaders. The platform lends well to sharing knowledge and story to those who share interests. Each time I log in and scroll down through the many suggested reads to the “New from your network” section I find gold nuggets of info on VR, sometimes long before the rest of the world.

I would love to see the “New from your network” section placed atop my home page so that each time I log into the Medium platform I can see the articles from those whose work I chose to follow.

The ability to manually organize my home page is a fix, but I think this platform makes more sense showing users activity from their networks before anything else. We appreciate your algorithm’s suggestions, but please show us first the articles from our chosen networks.

In any case, I don’t mind scrolling down to see my network’s activity each time I open the app or web page. It’s somewhat a ritual now like digging for gold.

Michael Eichenseer

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