High-end gaming PCs are temperamental and difficult to configure. Downloads take a long time and are easily corrupted in the process. It’s not a plug and play console system.
Behind Those High End VR Price Cuts
Charlie Fink

Are they? All in one solutions from the likes of Alienware, IBuyPower, etc. come pre-loaded with Windows 10. Fast internet speeds aren’t as rare as they once were. Are we so used to instant solutions that plugging in a keyboard is too much to ask?

A gaming PC isn’t as easy to use as an iPhone, but they are not physically unapproachable. (outside of a high price point). Branding may be the bigger issue here. A non-PC gamer may feel that a gaming PC is beyond their abilities. In reality its no harder than plugging in a few more cables.

The difference between truth and public perception surrounding VR ready PCs is one of the larger hurdles for the VR industry. Perhaps a well branded VR ready PC pre-loaded with brand specific VR software would be a good step to take upon the release of Gen 2 hardware.

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