Big ideas and making them real.

Always be thinking of crazy ideas that probably won’t work. If you can always be thinking of crazy ideas, sooner or later you may stumble upon an idea that could work. It will still be crazy, erring on the side of nearly impossible. But, somewhere in the realm of possibility, this idea is doable. It will take some effort, stumbles, and time but you can make it happen.

That is how make big ideas get created. It’s how great authors discover their most brilliant work. It’s how game designers craft their most interesting game mechanics. And it’s how entrepreneurs dream up the most amazing businesses. Treading the line between the impossible and the possible.

Riding the edge of possibility can be quite the challenge, full of many stumbles and setbacks. It takes a certain grit to put in the effort required on the edge of possible. When things are barely possible, they can be very hard to put together. We must be willing to stick to our decisions and find whatever way possible forward, no matter the challenges.

Rising above challenges requires a mixture of belief, tools, and time. With enough of any one of these we can accomplish most anything. With two of these we can make up for the one we lack. With all three we easily rise to any challenge.

Belief in one’s self comes first and foremost. If you truly believe you can do something, you will work towards it. If you don’t believe in something you will give it up, ignore it, or forget it entirely. Belief is a requirement for the attainment of any goal.

Having the right tools can speed up the process. Tools can make redundant tasks quicker, increase our existing leverage, or aid in our understanding. Knowledge itself is a tool. We can skip steps or save resources provided we have the right tools. But, with belief in our self we can make up for or create the tools we need on our own.

Without time there are no goals to set. How can we progress towards a goal without time? We would either be there, or not. Time is the pallet we paint with our efforts. The story of the artist that worked their way up and into the spotlight is always more compelling than the one hit wonder. If for no other reason than their story is longer.