Fearing change is fearing the universe in which you exist

While I am a firm believer in science, data, and logic I am also a believer of change.

Science tells us much about the world, but it is ever evolving, ever changing, and always seeking to better understand the universe. Some of the best parts about science are theories that contradict each other yet both make logical sense. Why is it that some supposed proponents of science prefer to use science as a way to limit their views on the workings of the universe? A true scientist seeks to understand more about the universe, not less!

Data is an amazing tool for taking the guess work out of decisions. But data can never tell the whole tale in an analogous world filled with infinite information. It is but one teeny tiny snapshot in the picture that is reality.

Logic, while obviously a useful tool for keeping we humans in general agreement with each other, is in itself a human construct. Limited by the perspectives of which the arguers have on a subject, and somehow always able to find itself able to argue for both sides of any issue.

Change you can trust to always exist.

Change doesn’t always have to make sense, but sooner or later it tends to. Change brings with it possibility, opportunity, and creativity. Change doesn’t care how you think something should work. Change will crush your logical argument, muddy up your data, and puzzle even the most inquisitive scientists.

Change is where the biggest, boldest, and most impactful ideas come from. Okay… science, data, and logic have all contributed some great ideas too, but these ideas have all been a part of a change. A change in thinking, doing, or being.

Without change there would be nothing. Without the changes in pressure, we would not feel. Without the changes in light, we would not see. Without the changes of the positions of tiny particles vibrating their way through space and time, there would be no matter, no earth, no us.

Fearing change is fearing the universe in which you exist.

If you wrap your fear of change in a neat and tidy label like that of a “realist”, you may want to take some time to embrace change. Change will happen with or without you. You may be able to slow it down by keeping things “realistic”, but you will never stop change completely.

While it is true that abrupt change can throw us off course, perhaps into turmoil, not changing has its own consequences. Stagnation is guaranteed to occur in the absence of change. Turmoil is only one of an infinite number of possibilities that comes from change. And by using the tools of science, data, and logic we may be able to steer change in exponentially positive directions.

Given the choice between stagnation or “possibilities”, I think I’ll take my chances.