I will never regret the time I spent or spend helping others

Over the past year of my life I have worked tirelessly to get somewhere. Where? Well I wish I knew, but like many people seeking success I do not have a specific picture painted yet. Success for me has been far more about the process and about formulating myself into who I believe I need to be. Much of this formulation pertains to my own habits and time management.

A situation I have consistently found myself in is one of helping others. I have no qualms helping others, in fact I enjoy it very much and rarely if ever expect anything in return. The sticky part is that I always find myself helping others and by time I turn around to look at myself there is very little time left in the day. For someone trying to work on their own habits and time management this can become quite the issue.

I have found myself on more than one occasion a wee bit stressed out about the lack of time I’ve put into myself. Luckily my fears tend to be quelled by seeing those I have helped succeeding on their own, but the equation is still somewhat off balance at this point. At the end of the day I am still progressing, learning, and growing. It is only the speed of which I do so that comes to bother me at times.

The silver lining to this constant battle between helping others and myself is, I believe, a deep sense of self learning. By helping others I inevitably teach them, considering I would much rather teach a man how to fish than give him a fish. Teaching is considered one of the best ways to learn, so perhaps all this giving of my time is well founded and valuable. Be it intangible as it might be of course.

By becoming accustomed to helping others I feel well prepared to be thrust into any team environment, whether I know what I am doing or not. Even if my direct time could have been used to generate more tangible assets, I will never regret the time I spent or spend helping others. As I build upon my own skills, network, and willpower by aiming to be selfless whenever possible.

Still, I must take more time for myself and my goals in order to continue to move forward. I have nothing to fear of course, since I have consistently been building a caring network of support to help me through. Learning to say no is hard, but if you can spend your yes moments wisely and selflessly you will inevitably find your way.

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