Rec Room paintball: a top social experience in VR.

Rec Room Paintball, by Against Gravity

Due to a consistent population of players, a satisfying skill curve, and room-scale game play that will have you breaking a sweat, Rec Room paintball is tons of fun. The competitive atmosphere is healthy, and a community held league is underway already.

Oh, and did I mention Rec Room is completely free?

The real time strategies used in Rec Room paintball highlight the abilities of room-scale VR.

Players timing their teleportation in order to get behind or beside an enemy, ducking dodging and leaning to avoid incoming attacks, crouching behind obstacles, shooting around corners. Paintball offers VR players opportunity to really enjoy room-scale VR.

Proximity voice chat provides a layer of tactics for players, as team mates calling out enemies can be heard by the enemy. Voice chat makes for lively conversation during and between games, and what’s a multiplayer PvP game without some healthy banter?

Rec Room giphy from u/raulness on Reddit

After being hit, a player’s body remains at the location they were knocked out, providing a couple seconds for them to make gestures, or even throw a weapon or two. Knocked out players can hold out their arms and block incoming projectiles for their team mates. Perhaps most importantly, knocked out players can distract an enemy with waving, dancing, or any other gesture.

Players of Rec Room paintball have all experienced a knocked out player interfering with combat and inevitably deciding a battle’s outcome. Some knocked out players prefer to slide their guns away from enemies after being knocked out. I prefer to slide my guns to the enemy as a reward. ;)

If you have yet to play Rec Room paintball you should get on it!

Rec Room is free and one of the most populous VR titles to date. You will always find someone in the lobby to play with, and there are plenty of activities to take part in alone if you wish.

Rec Room’s Rise of Jumbotron 4 player Co op quest!

What if you don’t want to PvP? Rec Room has you covered!

The various 4 player quests that have been added are tons of fun, though simple in nature. These quest represent what will be the future of instanced VR dungeons. Modeled after simple versions of WoW style instances, the rec room quests take 4 players through a series of enemy filled hallways with plenty of traps and challenges along the way. Players need to work together and use strategy in order to succeed.

My first experience in The Rise of Jumbotron brought back memories of my first run through The Wailing Caverns as a Troll Hunter. Enemy mobs, some melee some ranged, enemy patrols, enemies spawning behind the party, mini boss and full on boss fights. Rec Room provides a satisfying taste of the future of multiplayer VR gaming.

Will Rec Rom stand the test of time? So far so good!

Rec Room will be the first cross platform free to play VR game on both Oculus, Vive, and PSVR. For now it provides one of the most compelling multiplayer VR experiences to date given its collection of experiences. While I personally play paintball most times I log in, there are community events and less competitive game modes to take part in.

Don’t be afraid to move around in VR, that’s the whole point!