The Four pillars of a fulfilled life: Happy, Healthy, Wise, and Wealthy.

Being happy

I prioritize being happy above all else. Being happy can be dependent upon being healthy and wise. It is a rare occurrence that I would sacrifice wisdom or health in the name of being happy. For in those circumstances, say an unscheduled late night gathering with long lost friends, would I not be gaining more than I am sacrificing? More wisdom from interacting with those close to my heart, more wealth by the time spent with those close to my heart, and the long lasting health benefits of joyful human interaction.

Being healthy

Being healthy is the foundation to everything else. Being happy comes first, but without health there is no vessel for which to receive happiness. Without health there is no mind for which to receive wisdom. And without health there are no faculties to utilize wealth. I am grateful for the body and mind that I have been given, and I am passionate about taking care of them. The time and effort put into my mind and body is paid back in folds by the experiences a healthy mind and body allows one to have. Being healthy facilitates the other three pillars.

Being wise

Having wisdom is the structure upon which my life is built. Wisdom itself bleeds into the other three pillars. The wiser I am, the more ability I have to find happiness in all situations that life brings. The wiser I am the more tools I have for generating and utilizing wealth. And the wiser I am the more I learn how to take care of my mind and body. Wisdom is my tool for accelerating my own growth, and teaching others to accelerate theirs.

Being wealthy

Finally we have wealth. Wealth means far more than money, in fact it doesn’t necessarily mean money. Wealth could be considered knowledge, lifestyle, friendships, influence, or any number of worldly concepts. Wealth is a byproduct of a life lived with purpose. It is the fourth pillar as it requires all three pillars to be intact in order to stand itself. Wealth is a tool that can be used to help the other three pillars in times of need, but it also relies upon them in order to grow.

Wealth may seem like a shortcut for the other three pillars, but it is not.

True wealth is cultivated from a happy and healthy, wisdom filled life. There are millionaires who are poor, and broke artists who are wealthy. We must be wise to cultivate true wealth within our daily lives.

Many of us are seeking wealth, especially as a shortcut to our dreams. We feel that by having wealth we could then do the things we dream of. But the exact opposite is true. If you do not learn to be grateful for what you already have, and to put what you have towards your highest potential, how can you expect to utilize great wealth when it is given? The answer is: you really can’t.

Learn to be Happy with the life you have now, be Healthy and Wise with the choices you make, and you will cultivate true Wealth.

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