Ameil, that’s how we black folks and African-Americans talk, not going to change.
Ed Dunn

I’m hoping this is a schtick, if not your rants aren’t helpful since they’re so mean spirited. Maybe there’s some words of wisdom in there, who knows since you come off so angry. Maybe this article is click-bait but if it inspires people then thats ok. Isn’t it enough to just point out it may be click-bait and giving some words of encourage?

  1. Educated black people DON’T talk like you write, let alone write the way you do — are you seriously suggesting your employers are OK with you talking that way to clients? I highly doubt that. Stop feeding the stereotypes, you should know better. I’m black and I’m a VP working in Tech. I’ve been an engineer for 25 years.
  2. There a more jobs than you can count for coders in the US, the idea that all coding jobs are off shored is ridiculous. There is tremendous competition for good coders right now since employment in the Tech industry is so high right now. Maybe in your specific niche thats the case, thats NOT the case generally. Stop espousing as if you’re the authority on hiring. If you’re someone looking to get into the tech field, becoming a coder is a great entryway! There’s no reason that person can’t then learn even more specialized skills or solutions once they become familiar with the industry. And depending on how industrious they are maybe they’re picking up those additional skills very soon after or along side the basic skills needed to get a junior level job in Tech.
  3. Stop it with the automation has made coding obsolete nonsense as well. This is so easily checked, you’re coming off very Trumpian. Its likely some number of years before automation will take over most of the basic coding tasks but thats not immediately imminent let alone today. Even so automation will likely be task specific for some time again for various reasons, politics being a major one. If you are as tuned-in as you claim you should know these things are being discussed at all levels and there will be some major political resistance to full automation at least for the near future.
  4. Solutions over skills. This is fine but way too general as it doesn’t apply to junior coders. A junior coder doesn’t need to know solutions they just need to be able to complete tasks to the standards deemed appropriate for their job. It seems you’re projecting your position in life onto people just getting into Tech. Seems pretty silly. What’s the saying? You have to walk before you can run.