Draft story — ongoing :)


Input all your Professional Emails eg. michael@foody.com.cy & michael@atyourservice.com.cy

Customize your LinkedIn URL

eg. http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeloikonomou

Make sure your Profile is visible to others

Make sure you are not anonymous when you view other Profiles

Make sure there are no duplicates of your profile


Upload a Professional (or targeted) Photo

Be Simple — Be honest

Write your Profile focused to the Industry you are targeting

Your Profile should be detailed, unlike your CV.

Complete the section asking for past experience.

Make sure you connect under Experience with your Company

Break Details into subsections!

For example, rather than listing every job and membership under “Experience,” you can break it out into sections such as “”Volunteering,” “Certifications,” or “Organizations.” …


Michael Oikonomou

Business Strategy, Web, Startups, Entrepreneur

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