Hello Medium!

Hello Medium!

This is my fist post here :)

I am Michael, co-founder of AtYourService.com.cy — a better marketplace for local services in Cyprus.

Yup, this small and shiny island in the middle of Mediterranean:)

I like writing and sharing. Long time ago I used to publish my posts on my very own Website-wordpress Blog.

Last years I share most of my stuff at our AtYourService Blog, check it as it worth your time :)

There are still some personal stuff or irrelevant topics that I would prefer to post at a personal ‘medium’…

Yes, I found that keeping and maintaining my own domain with my name there could be a bit selfish :P

Moreover, it was a time for a change… Time to try something new!

So here I am to try medium for sharing my stuff :)

(Will also re-post some of my AtYourService blog posts here… )