Testing some Sales Management Platforms

I use Close.io to manage my Sales Process. I am very happy with what those guys are doing and how they helped me improve my Sales efforts.

However, someone should always keep evaluating existing tools and testing new ones. It is that time of the year that I have to evaluate my experiece with close.io and test alternatives.

I have read a lot of reviews for CRMs and Sales management platforms (google that and you will find a lot of things). I have narrowed down my list to 3 services that I have played with and compared with my existing tool.

I have also tried an experimental customization of Asana as a Sales Management platform. At AtYourService team we use Asana for Task Management and we are really happy. So I thought that is worth the time to try a customization for managing Sales.

Briefly and without much bla-bla, I have created a comparison table. I thought of sharing this here in case anyone finds that useful.

Comparison of my Sales management tools

My conclusion:

Close.io is still the best platform in my eyes. I will continue building my efforts there for the next 3 months. If the potential dynamics will be realized, then I will continue using the platform.

AgileCRM is my next option and looks promising. I will use it for the next period for another project. If I won’t make the next step with close.io and agileCRM is ‘working’, then I will make the switch to it.

PS. Import data from Close.io to AgileCRM

You can import your data from close.io to AgileCRM using CSV files export/import.

I have created a mapping for my most important fields by importing from Close.io to AgileCRM.

I thought of sharing it, just in case I save time from other people doing the same thing with me.

Import Data from Close.io to AgileCRM — Fields mapping