We launched it… It’s Foody! :)

Over the last months, our team has worked hard to launch our latest new project… Foody.com.cy

Foody is the best and easiest way to order your Food & Drinks online.

It covers all cities in Cyprus and we already have more than 80 restaurants delivering to your area :)

We got a big vision for Foody. We want to revolutionize how this is done in our area. Below are some of our key guidelines on how we want to make this happen.

A great product

We have put all our previous experience into building this product. We wanted it to be simple, clean, friendly yet powerful. And guess what… we managed to do so :)

We love how we built it and we look forward to improve it even further so please send us your feedback!

Customer Service

Everything relies on that. We want every single customer on Foody to have a WOW experience. Not only by our product UX but from the service underline.

Orders should be placed and delivered on time and with the correct products…

We do operate 24/7–365 a super-well trained Call Center that is supervising all the logistics and operations. It is ready assuring that orders will be correct and in time. It is there to solve any problem that comes up in the best possible way. We always want to keep our customers happy :)

Disrupt the market

This is one of the very first Team Philosophy… Disrupt the market!

Food & Drinks ordering is a really traditional market. People are used to pick up the phone and order what they want. This is usually a painful experience with much errors in between.

We really have a good plan on how we want to boost the overall value in this market. We will provide the right tools to the right target groups using the right mediums, to make ordering super-easy :P Stay tuned.

We want the customer to order cheaper & at better quality. The restaurant to sell at lower costs. At the same time Foody will grow up to a great business. And we know how to do it.

If you still don’t believe we have built something amazing here, give it a try.

Go to there and find that, Foody is the best and easiest way to order your Food & Drinks online! :)

Closing this post, I am sharing our TV Ad (yes we did that :P). It’s really ‘adorable’ isn’t it? :P

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