That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous
Mirah Curzer

Pretty presumptuous of you to declare that the audience would view the feminist and trans woman as bigoted or uncompromising for walking away. Only we, as viewers, can make that judgment. In effect, you’re assuming we don’t have quite the same supernatural intellect as you do to see the inconsistencies in the interaction.

Secondly, whether the ‘footing’ is ‘equal’ or not, the ‘oppressed’ women in this video still had a choice to sit down with the other person. The experiment and the beer made them want to do that despite the fact that they were facing a bigot. The video didn’t imply that both had to make an equal choice. It simply gave them the option. And that was the point.

And because they did so, their actions are considered MORE commendable than the counterparts because as you referenced, there was more at stake for the women.

Let’s not use words like ‘dangerous’ to describe a slightly imperfect social experiment. That’s a hell of a stretch.

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