A friend asked this question recently —

I am not a person who typically stresses but the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic is weighing heavily on me. I am interested in techniques and tools people are using to cope and de-stress?

I wrote him a quick reply, which apparently was quite helpful, so I figured I’d put it out here for the world.

A simple thought reframing exercise

Take a piece of pen and paper (this is important, don’t type this), and do the following:

  1. What is the thought I’m having. Write it down.
  2. Separate fact from stories. What are the core facts, and how…

Teaming up with Ginger: The Next Step in LiveBetter’s Journey

I spent an entire decade of my career developing advertising technology, first at Right Media and later at a startup I co-founded — AppNexus. After a decade, I realized I was burnt out when I started having night terrors. I decided enough was enough and went on a journey of self-discovery and healing. On this journey I discovered that the “secrets” to being happier and healthier aren’t actually so secret, but quite well known. The problem is… incorporating those behaviors and habits into daily life is really, really difficult.

It’s with that context that I started LiveBetter in 2015. The…

Hint: Yes we are!

Today I had an epiphany… the way everyone is thinking about employee well-being programs is ass-backwards. Read on to learn more.

I’ve been focusing some energy on employee well-being programs recently (more about that in coming weeks!). I realized that the vast majority of “employee well-being” literature talks about the economic benefits that arise when employers focus on boosting employee wellbeing.

This morning I read through the “Global Happiness and Well-Being Policy Report” chapter on Employee programs. They write:

“Is it worth it? Ultimately, businesses and policy-markers alike want to know: are there any objective returns to spending scarce resources…


I just finished Fred Wilson’s post on capitalism and inequality. First, Fred & I agree on many points:

  • The inequality that we allow in our current society is immoral. Something has to change.
  • Allowing individuals to amass great wealth when they create tremendous value is not immoral.
  • The government is massively inefficient and in need of innovation & change.

That said, I feel like Fred sidesteps a few core fundamental problems with the current capitalist system by pointing the finger at the government.

1/ A shaky foundation

Our VC/startup ecosystem started with a core problem. The people who wrote the initial investment checks? White…

Maybe “MarketWorld” really isn’t the right way to solve the crisis in well-being & mental health.


I’ve been following Anand Giridharadas for a while now, and pondering his writing about inequality and the “elite charade”. TLDR; Elites are very socially engaged, but only in ways that enables them to retain their power & influence.

In this post, I bring his thinking to my experience building a mental health startup.

As a successful tech founder who now dedicates his time to helping people’s well-being, there’s something about the writing that resonates, yet stings. The success of the first tech startup I co-founded certainly led to unfair share of wealth going my way. …

This article is prompted by an exchange on twitter, which started with this question:

Here at LiveBetter.io our mission is to help people improve their wellbeing. Until recently we used to chat with our customers through a Facebook Messenger Bot… no longer.

Wait, what do you do?

What we do is quite simple — LiveBetter’s bots Lia & Liam reach out to our customers once a day for a quick chat. Through brief conversations our customers learn the research proven secrets to boosting their wellbeing and complete short exercises that are shown to boost everyday mental health.

Messenger was originally quite an interesting channel for us. Customer acquisition costs were low and long-term engagement incredibly high. Yet, a few…

This morning I woke up with a nice email notification that my voting ballot is available… given how shamefully badly this is managed I figured I’d share some of my digging as to why this legitimate voter information email looks like it’s a piece of phishing spam.

Let’s dive in. Here’s the email I received.

I just recently stumbled upon “The Investor Pledge for Mental Health” an initiative from the folks over at Kip. One of their investors, Refactor Capital, took the pledge to heart and now pays for the first therapy session for any founder in their portfolio.

I think this is great. The life of a founder is one that ain’t easy on the mind and anything that reduces the social stigma associated with mental health IMHO is a good thing. …

These messages are going to get shorter and shorter.. if you just got here, check out the earlier articles first: Part I, Part II, Part III.

Why am I writing again, yep… you guessed it, the same scam is still running!

Today’s malicious ad:

Are you starting to notice the familiar signs?

  • Copying of CNN brandning
  • Usage of recognized brand names
  • A domain name that has no real link to any of this.

What’s interesting/new in today’s example is that I don’t seem to be redirected to the scam any more, but instead actually end up on https://citizens-report-today.com/

Mike Nolet

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