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at the end of the day, I make an effort to watch my team each week in its entirety. Other than that, I can follow along via box-scores instantaneously from pretty much anywhere and see highlights any time. I don’t need to watch the games.

If there’s an enticing prime-time match up, I may tune in — but those are fewer and further in between.

When multiple games are on, I can flip to another game or Red Zone during the dozens of commercial breaks, but I can’t when there’s just one game. And if that game isn’t interesting, I just won’t stay.

The NFL needs to get away from Thursday (other than Thanksgiving) as the quality is poor (again, unless they schedule only after a bye week so the teams have more than a week to recover on both sides of that game. That means you’d only have them between weeks 4 and 12.

They also need to have unlimited flexing, so only meaningful matchups or good teams play in those prime time games. If that means only a dozen or so teams play prime time, than so be it.

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