3 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Suck

Right now, there are two groups of bloggers on the Internet: the ones that are making money and the ones that aren’t.

If you’re in the second group, the most likely reason is this: your blog posts suck.

I don’t mean that you can’t write or that you’re not providing amazing content. You probably are. But neither of those things will truly help you become a part of the first group of people that are making thousands of dollars a year from their blogs.

You’ve got to focus on what the best bloggers in the world are doing to build an empire of personal wealth that will secure you and your family, all while giving you the freedom to help others grow their own blogs, video sites, or whatever business they have into something that will last for generations.

Listen, I went from obscurity to a recognized expert, trainer, and speaker in an industry full of people that had much more experience and education than me. I was able to stand out from the crowd because I provided great content written in a way to entice more people to follow me and build my brand.

I’m building my brand and empire right here at Pike Mall Tech and I’m doing the things you need to be doing to convert more of your blog visitors into leads and buyers.

Here’s 3 reasons why your blog posts suck and how you can fix them.

Reason 1 — You’re not posting consistently

Face it, if you’re not creating content on a regular basis, you’re screwed. And by regular basis I mean DAILY. Multiple times per day. On every platform you can get your hands on. Your blog is your home base and you should treat it as such but you’ve got to leverage other tools available to you.

You need to be all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and any other media platform. Your blog posts aren’t bringing you results because you’re not consistent and not enough people know who you are. Consistency will bring more eyes to your content and get you famous.

Reason 2 — You’re not using a call to action in your posts

Every piece of content you write should have a purpose behind it. Whether you are simply asking people to sign up for your newsletter or you have are offering a high-end coaching program, you need to give your readers an action to take in your post.

This doesn’t mean you’re being pitchy or that you are not delivering great content. That’s not the case at all. But it does mean that you’re leveraging your blog to bring more people into your business all the time. You can’t make sales and welcome new leads 24/7 but your blog can. And if you’re creating capture pages and funnels, you’ll be growing your business on auto-pilot.

Tell your readers what you want them to do in every post. Whether it’s visiting a site, signing up for a newsletter, or offering them an affiliate product that will help solve their problem. And don’t ever be ashamed of promoting yourself or your products. If you have great products, you have an obligation to offer them to your visitors.

Reason 3 — You’re not focused on the end game

Let’s face it, you didn’t start a blog because you thought it would be some epic tribute to your fellow man. You started blogging with the idea that you could build an income using the power of the Internet. It’s time you embraced that fact and accepted it.

Right now, you’re letting your limiting beliefs about yourself and your business keep you trapped and keep you from your goals. When you get focused on what you want from your blog and stop letting the fear of what other people think of what you’re doing hold you back, you’re going to be unstoppable.

But you need a system to help you build your list of leads and help you promote your business. I use a simple app that you can run from your phone to promote any program or product I want, all while building my list of rabid fans and providing them with content they just can’t get anywhere else.

You need a system like I have to help you build your business. Head on over and sign up now and you’ll have your first lead generating page up in less than 15 minutes.

Let’s go,


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