A Response to Dr. Robert So’s Graduation Speech
Ethan Chua

Hello ethan, i agree with a lot of the things you pointed out, especially homosexuality being regarded as a vice. i think dr. so made a small but serious mistake there. he should not have labeled it as “homosexuality” rather he should have focused on the SEXUAL PRACTICES of homosexual men in particular. because its the act that is the problem and not the relationship in general. i respect homosexuals in whatever decisions they make. its their right. but whatever rights they have, IT DOESNT CHANGE THE FACT THAT their sexual practices is HIGH RISK for transmitting HIV. You can research this online or ask a medical specialist. It goes to all who practice Anal Intercourse.. read here http://www.catie.ca/en/pif/summer-2012/putting-number-it-risk-exposure-hiv

to find a solution you have to identify and face the problem. and dont get me wrong, I respect Homosexual/bisexual men.. as for the Lesbians.. More power to you!

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