I realize that’s been the Republican boilerplate for so long it’s hard to think any other way, but…
Mike Vago

“…thrown more money at the rich?” They didn’t earn it? By this I assume you believe that money is in the first place the property of the government, and only flows to the earner to the degree that the beneficence of government allows.

It’s a small mind that cedes the direction of society’s wealth and events to a tiny band of professional blabbering idiots instead of to the aggregated wisdom of the masses. One must, at some level, feel incapable of directing one’s affairs and need the soothing nipple of the State to subscribe to such a life vision.

There’s a big difference between all citizens chipping in and forced redistribution. The weak and feeble of mind who don’t ever fully emerge from childhood need a lifelong nanny…for myself I’d rather fight my own battles and succeed or fail of my own accord.

I understand there are legions who feel otherwise. For those, the whole of Europe and Scandinavia beckon. Go there, fall sweetly into the bosom of society, and leave the rest of us to flourish in freedom. Please.

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