You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Is the “make less money for doing the same work” thing kind of like how for hundreds or year Native Americans were called “Indians” even though everyone knew they weren’t from India?

Everyone know that the “make less money for doing the same work” mantra is not true. That is simply not true. You can google it. Hundreds of people, including women, have explained thousands of times why that is not true. Do you just not care? “Eh….it sounds good, so we’re sticking with it.” Is that the scenario or are so many people stuck in the echo chamber that the truth has just never made its way to them?

For the 1000th time, there is to “wage gap.” There IS an “earnings gap.” Which means if you take 1000 random men and 1000 random women all aged 25–35, and you added all the men’s salaries and added all the women’s salaries and then divided each group by 1000, the average salary of the men will be higher than the average salary of the women. There are many reasons for this, mostly lifestyle choices and different career paths.

For the 1000th time, the above is NOT MAKING LESS MONEY FOR DOING THE SAME WORK. When you compare the 1000 men and 1000 women all doing THE SAME ROLE. 2000 men and women working as real estate agents, as customer service reps for telecom companies, Vice Presidents of Marketing, Advertising Execs, Software Salespeople, Pharma reps, THERE IS NO WAGE GAP. It doesn’t exist outside the margin of error. Some studies show that it might be a couple of % points and might have to do with women not negotiating as hard as men. And other studies show that women may have a sight lead, especially amongst people 35+. So, it’s a wash. There is no difference between men and women doing the same work.

So, why? Why do you keep repeating it? Don’t you feel comfortable with all the other issues or do you feel they are too weak to stand on their own so we better keep propping up this lie?

Misinformation and our outright lies helps no one. It’s a waste of time. There’s literally nothing that can be done about something that doesn’t exist. What policy would you like put in place to fix a problem that doesn’t exist? Use your energy and resources to fight legitimate problems. It’s like me saying my apartment keeps getting robbed when it’s never been robbed and there’s no way it can be robbed because it’s already Fort Knox. But I’m calling the police, anyway, and I’m installing new locks and new alarms, and I’m staying up all night patrolling and the police keep coming by and each time I go, “I was just robbed” and they go, “what are you talking about? What was taken?” and nothing was taken. But I’m putting in another new alarm and the police say, “Look, we’d like to help you, but you don’t have a problem here.”

I believe it equality. I’m an egalitarian. My entire life is about equality. But there’s nothing I can do to help you on the “wage gap” because it doesn’t exist. There’s no problem I or anyone can help you with because there’s no problem to help.

Now, sexual assault, harassment, choice, and down the line, I’m here for you. I’M here for YOU.

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