Onewheel Review: Incredible Product

I’ve had my Onewheel over 4 months now… it truly is like snowboarding through the streets.

The awesome thing about the Onewheel and the quality that pushed me to finally contribute to the original Kickstarter, was the fact that you can pick it up and hop on the train, step into a store, you’re instantly a pedestrian. It’s far more portable than a bike, and with a 12 mph top speed you can really sail through the streets. With a 4–6 mile range it works as transportation from point A to B, or just cruising around.

The way it rides and the engineering is incredible. Clearly some very talented people spent a long time working on it. Can’t say enough about the feel of the ride. You lean forward and it goes forwards, lean back and it slows down. You can go either direction on it, although I keep it goofy. It also gives me enough control to handle the high demands of urban riding.

Riding through the streets of Chicago on my Onewheel I constantly hear people’s reactions, “Whoa”, “What is that?”, “does that have a motor?”, and probably the most common, “did you invent that?”. The first time I cruised the streets at night I had three people ask me if I was from the future.

The Onewheel could have ended up as another Kickstarter horror story, thankfully the Onewheel team came through with an incredible product.

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