@POTUS Trump at work: Quite a Few Days….and it has only been a Few Days…….

It has been quite a few days as President Trump took office. Saturday saw the White House Press Secretary go on a rampage, Sunday saw Counselor to the President peddling “alternative Facts” (just like George Orwell’s 1984) and threatening Chuck Todd of NBC News. Tuesday saw President Trump reinstating Keystone and Dakota Pipelines — that have no justifiable economic viability — and as I saw this that seemed to have been forgotten in the midst of this push to create the supposed jobs that may not arrive along with the media ban by the EPA along with the so-called Gag Rule banning US funds for family planning organizations around the World:

“The Earth
will not continue to offer its harvest,
except with faithful stewardship.
We cannot say we love the land
and then take steps to destroy it
for use by future generations.”

~ Pope John Paul II
 As Wednesday is before us, President Trump is poised to sign an Executive Order passport holders from Syria, Iran and Yemen, Iraq and two others countries from entering the United States. I just signed a +NIAC Action petition that has gone to President Trump protesting this move as I hope ALL will. Here is the Action Alert from NIAC Action that went out earlier tonight:

This is not a drill. Tomorrow, President Trump plans to sign an Executive Order banning Iranians as well as six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, according to both Congressional sources as well as media reports.It remains unclear for how long the ban will be in place. Sources tell NIAC it could range from 30 days to several months, after which a more stringent visa application process with ideological tests will be put in place.At this point, the trajectory should be clear to all:

What started with the discriminatory Visa Waiver bill H.R. 158 in late 2015 has now evolved into a blanket ban for Iranian passport holders, only to be followed by an “ideological” test that Iranians and six other nationalities — but not others — will be subjected to.

And once again, Iranian are targeted while citizens of Saudi Arabia are excluded from these measures — even though Iranians have not committed acts of terror on US soil while Saudi citizens were behind both 9/11 and other Wahhabi-inspired acts of terror.This is discriminatory. This is un-American. And last but not least: This is dangerous as it pits Americans against Americans while undermining the very principles of inclusivity and tolerance that made America great.

Let’s not be silent — we must make our collective voices heard. Send a letter to President Trump TONIGHT to register your opposition.

We will be in touch over the coming days and hours as this develops so that we can work together to stop this dangerous path of division.


Jamal Abdi

Executive Director

While on Facebook, I picked up excerpts of the Poem on the Statue of Liberty that is quite poignant on this dark night:

Originally published at thefounder.thedailyoutsider.com on January 25, 2017.

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