Random Thoughts : On a “Brief Mid-Week Prowl”

Doha Harbor (Source: Al Jazeera)

It has been quite a day as I have been working away on projects For The Daily Outsider. The President went after the Mayor of London and his son doubled-down by noting on Good morning America, “..he has to do something”. One thing that was of note was the challenge about Government cuts which is being pursued by the Adminstration that I thought Donald Trump Jr. Seemed to forget. I was blown away by the hard hitting editorial in the Wall Street Journal going after Mr. Trump which I made it a point of tagging Donald Trump Jr. on a Tweet:

@DonaldJTrumpJr @WSJ r no lefties & they were harsh 2day & @dcexaminer 2 FYI excepts-Also UK PM says wrong bout @SadiqKhan

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What should be clear to Mr. Trump is that when you lose the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) it should be noticed.

I have also been on the prowl in support of The Daily Outsider seeing what’s been happening as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE broke off relations, blocked Air, Sea and Land Access — they were followed by The Maldives and now Jordan. I was not too surprised by Egypt and Bahrain — as they are being protected by Saudi Arabia. The Egyptian President has had to rely on Billions from Saudi Arabia as Bahrain continues to be under Saudi Security Protection. Yemen is a country in name only — and Qatari soldiers have died there. The UAE is a bit different — although their rivarly with Qatar is known which may well put the Gulf Cooperation Council under strain. President Trump got into the Mix by taking credit for the isolation — even though I guess he forgot that the US Central Command Forward Headquarters happens to be in Qatar — but for Mr Trump, it seems that facts don’t matter — as this can potentially undermine US perceived plans.

As I was on Twitter working away, I picked this up from Arash Karami of Al Monitor that captured what Saudi Arabia is trying to do (as the Saudi Foreign Minister said in a visit to Paris about what Qatar must do — and how Saudi Arabia was “in pain” with the decision it has taken as the Emir of Kuwait is trying to resolve it all):

Arash Karami ✔@thekarami

1: Don’t talk to Iran.
2: Don’t look at Iran.
3: Don’t speak of Iran.
4: Close AJA.
5: Did I mention Iran?
6–10: Refer to above.
https://twitter.com/GhorbaniSadegh/status/872192036350210048 …

I just saw on Al Jazeera that the Emir of Kuwait returned to Kuwait after having visited King Salman for talks — as Turkey has come down on the side of Qatar. On a side note, there is S722 working its’ way in the US Senate to impose sanctions on Iran for the Ballistic missile program. The Congressional Budget Office said that it will cost around 2 Million Dollars to implement the new Sanctions;.

As I was on the prowl, one very problematic statement was comments by the Education Secretary about how she was non committal about fighting for the rights of LGBTQ students during testimony earlier today which underscores the broader agenda that the Administration has as part of the broader Administration Strategy that was epitomized by President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. There is of course the Comey Testimony as well that some reporting out there is trying to downplay that is going to dominate the headlines as the UK goes to the polls tomorrow.

As I finished off my “walkabout”, I was so gratified to see that Amazon, Kickstarter and Mozilla will be helping to spearhead a campaign on July 12 to tell the Federal Communications Commission how wrong-headed the decision is to roll back Net Neutrality rules. Hope all mark your calendars.